Fred N. Grand CHA

A proven successful track record of more than 30 years providing strong leadership and successful management in varied hospitality settings. From a 1,000 room Convention Center Hotel with more than 250,000 square feet of meetings and exhibit space to award winning boutique destination resorts with multiple food and beverage outlets in the United States and Baja California.

Vast experience working closely with Construction/Project Management from planning, entitlements/CEQA compliance, competitive bidding, contract management and completion. Notable hospitality projects that are examples of this level of involvement include:

• US Grant Hotel, San Diego, CA

• The One and Only Palmilla Resort, Los Cabos. Mexico

• The Grand Plaza Hotel, Irvine/Orange County, CA

• Hacienda Hotel, San Diego, CA

• Sorrento Terrace Office & Industrial Bldg., San Diego, CA

• The Palm Mountain Resort & Spa, Palm Springs, CA

• The Preserve at Mountain Falls, Palm Springs, CA

• Las Palmas Heights Residential Sub-Division. Palm Springs, CA

• Las Palmas Estates, Estate Home Sites, Palm Springs, CA

• Salt Creek Golf Club, Chula Vista, CA

• Heritage Park Victorian Village, San Diego, CA

• Warner Springs Ranch Resort & Golf Club, Warner Springs, CA

Constant and persistent drive to successfully lead change efforts and continuous improvement initiatives with the mind set that when providing goods or services to consumers one must constantly strive to be driven to improve and better meet market demand. In the course of my career I have had direct or indirect responsibility for the following food concepts:

• La Hacienda Argentine Steakhouse, San Diego, CA

• Gourmet Room Fine Dining, San Diego, CA

• Le Pavilion French Continental Cuisine, San Diego, CA

• Lanai Restaurant, San Diego, CA

• Crystal T’s Emporium, San Diego, CA

• Kelly’s Steakhouse, San Diego, CA

• Islands Polynesian Restaurant, San Diego, CA

• King’s Grill, San Diego, CA

• La Paloma Restaurant, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

• US Grant Grill, San Diego, CA

• Carriage Room Fine Dining, Los Angeles, CA

• Abilene Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA

• Abilene Restaurant, Scottsdale, Az.

• Acapulco Mexican Restaurant, San Diego, CA

• Old Town Tequila Factory, San Diego, CA

• SCGC Grill, Chula Vista, CA

• WSRR Grill, Warner Springs, CA

Multiple large-scale catering, exhibition and banquet operations in various locations in San Diego, Los Angeles, Scottsdale and Los Cabos 

– In many instances I have demonstrated the ability to deal with high growth environments by utilizing various strategies to seek input from the end users. Focus groups have been very effective in identifying “out of the box” ideas and approaches to accomplish the goals of the organization. 

– One of the most gratifying rewards of being involved at the ground level of new infrastructure design and program development is the opportunity to shape the future experience knowing that ultimately you will be responsible for the program operations and follow through. 

– Throughout my hospitality management career, I have been responsible for complex financial, human and management information system resources.

– I believe that those I have worked with, and those who have reported to me, would agree that I possess very strong personnel management skills. To effectively administer and manager others, one of my firm beliefs is that employees will respect their direct supervisor/manager when they feel they are treated with respect and dignity. One of my greatest strengths is building consensus and successfully conducting dispute resolution.

– I have created effective incentive programs and consistently managed to increase staff morale, productivity, and nearly 100% attendance.

– It is my belief that employees deserve an open climate for communication and positive interaction with their supervisors and managers. Positive, respectful interactions should be expected by employees and I always strive to achieve a work environment that fosters that condition. I can’t overemphasize my temperament and personal behavior is always a reflection of my underlying philosophy that positive reinforcement and respectful behavior by managers and supervisors help achieve the best results.

– During my lengthy tenure in hospitality and business management I have had extensive dealings effectively negotiating numerous contracts, MOUs, agreements and in some cases dispute resolution. I have directed legal experts in various specialties with some of the most respected law firms in San Diego County and throughout the United States. If required, I feel very capable of successfully negotiating agreements with internal and external partners.

– Knowledge of complex organizations is something I possess. I have worked very closely with the following organizations in various capacities to name a few:

• San Diego State University

• University of San Diego

• Diocese of San Diego

• City of San Diego

• County of San Diego

• City of Palm Springs

• County of Riverside

• California Fish and Wildlife Service

• US Fish and Wildlife Service

• Endangered Habitats Conservancy

– In my role as Chief Operating Officer of a major hospitality design, development and management firm my ultimate responsibility from an economic standpoint was financial management including: developing accounting practices, review and evaluate budgets, interpret financial data, and oversee the preparation of financial forecasts. In addition to all my other priorities, goals and objectives, fiscal responsibility was of utmost importance. Over the course of my career, achieving positive economic results, meeting budgets and forecasting accurately was imperative.

– As it pertains to landlord tenant legal and other issues, I am extremely familiar with them. I have “hands on” experience with single family, multi-family and office/industrial rental units over the course of many years.

– I have more than a general knowledge of computers and their applications including electronic mail, word processing, spreadsheet and database management systems. In today’s business environment social media should be an effective and positive communication tool if managed properly. I’ve made it a point to utilize electronic tools to their utmost effectiveness by identifying team members that not only have a general knowledge of computers and their applications but can achieve the best possible results with my direction.

– I have excellent communication skills and the ability to establish rapport and work diplomatically/effectively with a diverse clientele.